Timeless Tables

30 October, 2015 in Furniture , Interior Design , How to , Tips

Timeless Tables

Selecting your dining table is an important decision when making your house a home. Remember while being an important investment. Stick to your budget. Take in consideration the size of the table, you and your guests need to feel comfortable, ensure enough room for plates, dishes to be placed in the middle and of course a centre piece! The distance from your table and chair in relation to other furniture is also important, allow approx. 800-1200mm. 

Here are a few tips.

1. Revamp an old timber table.

Already have a dining table? Timber? or could find one on Gumtree? All options will work for this idea. (I have my eyes on my mums dining table now - will tell her not to read this blog)

Use a marble top. Visit your local stonemason, ask to see the off cuts or select your own stone from a wide variety of colours. They will be very helpful and ensure the correct size for you. The table now becomes timeless, hard wearing and increased its longevity. 

2. Choose a round table. 

Maximise sociability and conversation. Round tables can work best in open spaces - it can cast as a thoroughfare, no sharp corners and soft edges for a heavy traffic flow. Giving off a relaxed feel.

3. Outside Tables.

While used regularly in the tropical climates, its also handy to keep your outdoor space versatile. Get an outdoor table on wheels, this can easily be rolled out the way when extra space is needed. Consider having the table the same height/shape as your indoor table, so special occasions when extra guests are invited.

To match your table. Chairs.

Mix and match chairs but keep them in the same tones or textures and height for an overall resolved look. 

Happy Dining.