Timeless Tables

30 October, 2015 in Furniture , Interior Design , How to , Tips

Dining tables and chairs play a bold role in our dinner time performance setting. Whether its a stand alone room or part of an open plan, the dining should be functional, number one. Decorated, second.

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Overcoming Mould - is it a spore spot?

29 September, 2015 in DIY , How to , Tips

We all know what it’s like trying to keep our homes free of mould, especially during the Wet here in Darwin! Follow the below tips to help keep your home mould-free!

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Quick tips to making your home attractive to any buyer

09 June, 2015 in How to , Interior Design , Tips

The Darwin property market is becoming more and more competitive, meaning that sellers are having to put more effort into getting their homes ‘sale ready’. Here are some tips on how to make your home easily attractive to potential buyers:

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Ways to Upstyle Outdated Furniture

13 August, 2014 in Interior Design , Tips , DIY

With a few hours in your hands and with a handful of drive and creativity, you can still have that fresh and zesty interior you always wanted. There are so many easy ways to transform the old into modern, even with your grandmother’s mid-century furniture or with that old worn out wooden cabinet. The following are some easy and inexpensive methods to get that personalized furniture to match your modern living space.

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