Timeless Tables

30 October, 2015 in Furniture , Interior Design , How to , Tips

Dining tables and chairs play a bold role in our dinner time performance setting. Whether its a stand alone room or part of an open plan, the dining should be functional, number one. Decorated, second.

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Funky Storage Solutions

14 November, 2013 in Tips , Furniture , Storage

Eye-catching and practical, modern furniture is a perfect match for our exciting and fast paced living. The following selections of funky storage solutions are must-haves for those who appreciate creativity and who just want to show-off their artful taste.

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How to: Create your own chair seat

14 November, 2013 in How to , Furniture

Why spend thousands of dollars on furniture with a design that has been massed produced and had ended in many other homes, when you can have inexpensive, original and personalized piece to grace your interiors. With just a little of your time, a few dollars and a touch of your creativity, you can create this striking upstyled and personalized chair seat.

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