How to: Create your own chair seat

14 November, 2013 in How to , Furniture

Why spend thousands of dollars on furniture with a design that has been massed produced and had ended in many other homes, when you can have inexpensive, original and personalized piece to grace your interiors. With just a little of your time, a few dollars and a touch of your creativity, you can create this striking upstyled and personalized chair seat.

What you need

To create your own personalized chair seat, you'll need a few simple items.

  • An old or used chair
  • 2-inch folded strips of cloth or unused leather belts
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Staple gun
  • Upholstery nail heads

How to steps:

  1. Lay the strips of cloth or belt on the seat and mark the width on both ends. Mark an extra 2 inches on the said ends. Use this cut strip or belt as a basis in cutting the other strips. If you're creating a seat for a rectangular shape then make sure to measure both length and width.
  2. Cut enough strips to cover the whole seat. You'll be weaving the strips or belts lengthwise by crosswise by creating a hatch like pattern.
  3. Position the strips or belts side by side until covering the entire seating area. Staple one of the sides.
  4. Pass or Run through one strip or belt through the stapled rows alternately. Continue to pass through the strips or belt across the rows until covering the entire seat. Make sure to tug the strips until taut.
  5. Cover the stapled area with upholstery nail head as you go using a rubber mallet.
  6. Cut off excess cloth.

Old chairs with damaged seats are not hard to find. You can find them in thrift and flea markets or you may want to check your attic or basements for vintage chairs. Save more by using old but still durable belts or cloth as materials for this do-it-yourself project.