Funky Storage Solutions

14 November, 2013 in Tips , Furniture , Storage

Eye-catching and practical, modern furniture is a perfect match for our exciting and fast paced living. The following selections of funky storage solutions are must-haves for those who appreciate creativity and who just want to show-off their artful taste.

The Wisdom Tree

By Jordi Mila

Books and trees are perfect together, don't you agree? Mila's tree-inspired bookshelves prove that statement. We've seen similar tree shelves in the past, but this one is the most visually pleasing among the other designs. The carefully crafted funky storage solution is perfect solution for your knowledge corner in your room.

Modern Fossils

By Massimiliann Adami

More color means more fun. Add splashes of color to your minimalist space with this creative and distinctive décor. The Modern Fossils is created using different containers. These containers are cut in half then encapsulated and positioned in a rigid polyurethane resin.

French Inspired Chest of Drawers

By Sam Baron

There's always something charming about curved or oval shaped furniture. Elegant and functional, this French-inspired furniture is a sure delight to your personal space with its oval silhouette which is held in place on a pedestal with matching mirrors. The furniture will surprise you with it's mysterious doors that lead nowhere, but the drawers' hooks can function as a hat, scarf or purse holder. It is made from lacquered MDF and natural wood from linden and walnut variations.

Belly Cabinet

By Laurens van Wieringen

This unique and personalized funky storage solution is a good example of how to think outside the box. The Belly Cabinet was commissioned by a private client to commemorate a dear person. The one-of-a-kind design showcases a red gloss finish with five layers of drawers. This chest of drawers was cut, pushed back and forward to create its distinct shape.

Explosion Cabinet

By Opulent Items

As they say, creativity has no limits. Blow your guests' minds away with this fun and functional storage solution. The handcrafted furniture is made from stained maple which has six separate cabinets on top. The pieces can be either placed together to form a large cabinet or have the separate drawers positioned separately on the wall.

Stacked Furniture Series

By Vincent Thomas Leman

The unique furniture explores geometric and color combinations that results to an intriguing abstract design. The surreal Stacked Furniture can encourage dynamism in any living space while keeping your valuables safely tucked in. The carefully handcrafted wooden furniture is made by Dust Furniture a company based in Indiana owned by Salvador and his wife Jessie.